How Can I Find the Right Explosive Detection Dog For My Business?

Explosive detection dogs have the job of finding explosive devices in the event that they are left behind as the result of a burglary or theft. They are usually used by police departments, bomb squads and emergency services. Often their job will involve a hazardous area where there is a high risk of explosive devices going off or being made into. They are most often used after a series of warnings has been issued. For example, they might be called after a large building has been evacuated.

Explosive detection dogs are basically trained to detect the unique scent of various explosive materials. Once they detect something suspicious they assume a sit or a passive-pattern alarm position near the suspected explosive material they presume is an unguarded area. Usually the dog will stay within a couple of feet of the suspected explosive materials but will walk ahead and alert if any suspicious odors are detected. They do this by sniffing the ground and moving toward whatever they initially smell. Once they confirm they have found what they are searching for they will either alert authorities or return to their handlers to report their findings.

After an alarm is activated by a detected odor a trained dog from explosive detection teams will check the area for more odors. They will also listen for a tone that typically indicates a fuse has been tripped. When the dog reaches a conclusion he or she will report everything he or she has heard and observed back to the handlers. Get more facts about pets at

These trained dogs will work for private individuals, businesses, school safety plan contractors and government agencies. Their jobs will range from protecting homes and business to maintaining a large compound that is used for storing explosive material. They can be located in schools to protect students and staff and even at businesses to prevent or detect theft. If you are interested in hiring one of these dogs, you will need to look at the training methods used. These are typically known as CADD training. This certification program can help you determine if a particular CADD dog will fit your needs.

The training classes will cover everything from basic training and how to identify authentic explosive material through to the latest techniques for vapor detection dogs. Different companies offer different levels of training, so it is best to do your research before making a decision on which company to employ. You should also ask the company how they go about locating and training their dogs. Depending on whether you will need a live dog or a robotic system you may have different requirements.

Explosive detection dogs and their handlers do not just stand out in a group. There are actually two types of dogs used. The first type is a scent hound who locates the explosive device and follows it with his nose. He or she is aided by his handler who uses a C-collar to stimulate the dog and direct the search. The second type of dog is equipped with an electronic collar and is trained specifically to locate the explosive device and send out a signal to the search dog. The dogs and their handlers are specially trained so that each can find the right explosive devices in any type of environment. Be sure to discover more here!

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